Aug 1, 2013

Bon Voyage, Mates!

It has been a fantastic experience but all nice things have to come to an end. Project Privateer has come to a close.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the project by either submitting wonderful content, suggestions or playing on the server. You guys have been great and I hope everyone had a terrific time.

Furthemore, as the only server with access to the Privateer gamemode is closing, it is only fair that the gamemode should be released. For anyone interested in the gamemode, all files are being released under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Get the files here.

Note that the gamemode files include several models and textures from Pirates, Vikings and Knights II. Those guys rock.

Karolis O.

Jun 1, 2013

Hall of Remarkable Ships: HMS Intrepid

The latest addition to the HoRS comes from a new member of the community - link2uu.

As the creator put it himself: "Sailing the seven seas with broadsides of thunder, this British Man O' War sends chills down the spines of all who oppose. The Royal Navy's HMS Intrepid - your worst nightmare!"

The vessel has already tasted combat and continues to wreck havoc on the high seas of Privateer.

May 19, 2013

Hall of Remarkable Ships: La' Chatellier

The Hall of Remarkable Ships is proud to bring you another fine vessel - La' Chatellier.

Built by pooffool, the La' Chatellier is a somewhat unusually rigged vessel. The ship boasts a distinct colour combination on a very sleek-looking hull.

May 12, 2013

Hall of Remarkable Ships: HMS Victory III

Sir.Scottx125 is back with a brand new HMS Victory. We are glad to add the third iteration of the ship to the HoRS!

The ship boasts similar features to it's predecessors, while being considerably bigger. The vessels hull can take up to 5000 points of damage and carries 20 guns.

HMS Victory III has already proven herself in battle and with Sir.Scott125 at the helm, many more victories are expected to follow.

Apr 28, 2013

Map Upgrade Complete!

Avast, captains! The first revision of the upgraded map has now been rolled out under the name pvt_oceano.

The list of changes includes:

  • Fixed shadows being cast at weird angles
  • Redesigned second ports docks to accommodate future gameplay additions.
  • Revamped atmosphere
  • Minor tweaks

In upcoming future revisions, we expect to further improve the visuals, as well as include more interesting and useful content, such as the long-awaited map border awareness aid.

Apr 17, 2013

Map Revamp Update

Valve is currently updating certain games to be delivered via SteamPipe. Due to this, certain Source SDK tools are now broken.

Work on the map revamp will resume once the required tools are patched by Valve.

Apr 14, 2013

Noteworthy Deeds: Captains of the Week (14)

Another week has passed! Which players have been audacious and determined enough to make it to the top? The captains of week (14) are:

   269    O Alex é buedje fofo
   120    [MG]-cyborg216
   117    Karolis O.
     99    Dukeboys - Slug King
     90    colledgedude
     75    RedDeath
     74    ^2[^9MG^2]^9-cyborg216
     68    (TwisterX)Hello Im the Doctor
     65    Ssalum90
     62    Rendrek

Congratulations to the winners! The scores have been cleared and the next weekly competition begins immediately.